Dr. Abhidha Shah

Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery, 18+ Years Experience, KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Name: Dr. Abhidha Shah

Speciality: Neurosurgeon

Qualification: MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery), IFAANS(USA)

Experience: 18 + Years

Email: abhidha@gmail.com

Mobile: 9821014950

Registration No: 89508


Skull Base Neurosurgery

Skull base surgery may be done to remove both noncancerous and cancerous growths, and abnormalities on the underside of the brain, the skull base, or the top few vertebrae of the spinal column.

Vascular Neurosurgery (Open and Endovascular)

Endovascular neurosurgery is a subspecialty within neurosurgery. It uses catheters and radiology to diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases of the central nervous system.

Cranio vertebral junction disorders

Craniocervical junction disorders are abnormalities of the bones that join the head and neck. These disorders may be present at birth or result from injuries or disorders that occur later.

Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy surgery is a procedure that removes an area of the brain where seizures occur. Epilepsy surgery is most effective when seizures always occur in a single location in the brain.

Brain Tumor

To remove a brain tumor, a neurosurgeon makes an opening in the skull. This operation is called a craniotomy. Whenever possible, the surgeon attempts to remove the entire tumor.

Spinal tumor surgery

Most symptomatic spinal cord tumors require surgical removal which can typically be performed with small incisions on the back or neck and little bony disruption. Depending on the type of tumor, further treatment may be indicated, including radiation or chemotherapy.



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